Alternative Business Finance & Tech Convention
8-10 October
Batumi Georgia Republic

Why Attend?

JobsBetter Careers and Higher Salaries

Looking for a job in FinTech, IT, or finance? Global and regional businesses will be hunting for applicants and discussing career opportunities at our Job Fair.

  • Developer Jobs
  • System Administrator Jobs
  • Finance Jobs
  • Banking Jobs
  • Economics Jobs
  • Legal Jobs
  • Accounting Jobs
  • Expert Speakers

Education & TrainingWorkshops, Certifications, Universities

Get hands on training from leading providers. Participate in live workshops and get education and practical training. Learn about regional education options.

  • Developer Workshops
  • System Administration Workshops
  • Finance Workshops
  • Entrepreneur Workshops
  • Management Workshops
  • University Presentations
  • Digital Currency Council Certification
  • Expert Speakers

Business & InvestingRegional Opportunities

Learn about doing business in Georgia, Ukraine, and surrounding countries. Explore regional FinTech business and investment opportunities.

  • Doing Business in Georgia
  • Taxation and Business Climate
  • Infastructure & Services
  • Startups
  • Angel and VC Investors
  • Existing Projects & Opportunities
  • Outlook and Projections
  • Expert Speakers

Government & BankingPolicy, Compliance, Opportunities

Meet regional legislators and contribute to policy and enforcement discussions. Help create an attractive environment for FinTech business.

  • General FinTech and Blockchain Discussions
  • Policy Workshops
  • Compliance Workshops
  • Industry Facts & Projections
  • Industry Needs & Challenges
  • Banking Workshops
  • "Meet The Banks" Event
  • Expert Speakers

Get In The Mix

Join us in the beautiful resort city of Batumi Georgia for an incredible finance and technology event. Enjoy headline speeches from some of the leading thinkers and innovators in digital currency, blockchain development, banking, finance, commerce, and legislation. But if you are only looking for speeches, you have come to the wrong place. Alt Convention is more about workshops and roundtables, with this year's focus on digital currency and blockchain.

Join developers, entrepreneurs, traders, and business professionals as you get hands on training from leading providers of FinTech solutions. Learn to develop blockchain services on platforms such as CounterParty, Ascribe, Gem, and more. Learn trading strategies and techniques from Kraken, Coinsetter, and more. Learn how to implement cutting-edge banking and payment processes into your existing business, website, or casino. Or, get a general education in blockchain, digital currency, automatic trading software like Bitcoin revolution (Read more here: and future banking and finance concepts.



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Batumi is a seaside city on the Black Sea coast and capital of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia. There are miles of beaches and lush mountains nearby. The city boasts friendly people, delicious food, Georgian wine, and an investor/business-friendly government.

Ranked 15th out of 189 countries for ease of doing business, Georgia is a stable, growing economy with a forward thinking leadership.

The World Bank Ease of Business Index


Future trends in business development, leadership, management, marketing, advertising, and more. Budding entrepreneurs through seasoned veterans can find a wealth of information here. From decentralized autonomous corporations to smart contracting to digital payment processing and more. Decentralization, open-source, and peer-to-peer technologies will forever change business.

The industry that will face the greatest level of change over the next decade will be Finance. From alternative income opportunities, alternative currencies, alternative financial processes, alternative investments and more, the world of Finance is ripe for disruption. To survive and thrive, you must know what is changing, why it is changing, and how you can leverage this change.

Decentralized systems, open-source progress, autonomous processes, and many more revolutionary concepts are gaining traction. Technology has always brought about change, but never before has the pace and degree of change had such political, social, and legal implications. Sink or swim? Whether or not you like it, you are in the water.

If you are seeking an alternative business investment, you will find plenty of opportunity here. If you are an entrepreneur or innovator, you can find capital here. High net-worth individuals, crowd-funding groups, institutional investors, and other investors mix with innovators and entrepreneurs in a venue tailored for capitalization discussions.

Four 5-Star Hotel Venues Speakers, Panels, Workshops, Round-Tables, Networking

Radisson Blue Batumi

BUSINESS: Emerging and future trends in entrepreneurship, leadership, management, marketing, & more.

Sheraton Batumi

FINANCE: Emerging and future banking, investing, payment, and currency technology and trends.

Hilton Batumi

TECH: Tommorow's solutions, inventions, software, business opportunities, and other applications.

Divan Suites Batumi

SHOW & TELL: Innovators, inventors, & entrepreneurs pitch for funding & partnership with angels and VCs.

One 5-Star Hotel Exhibit Hall Tons of gadgets and gizmos and services on display.

Leogrand Hotel & Casino

Visit numerous exhibitors and learn all about their products and services. Over 2,000 square meters of air-conditioned, plush, luxurious space. For 3 full days, the grand ballroom and the entire second floor of the Leogrand Hotel & Casino belongs to Alt Convention exhibitors.

We are expecting over 15,000 visitors to the exhibit hall during the 3 day event. Thousands of merchants throughout Eurasia, Western Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, Georgia, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Europe are being invited to come and learn about emerging products and solutions. Payment processors, exchanges, business solutions, and much more on display.

Have a great product or service? Want to break into emerging markets from Europe to Asia?


Alt Convention. Tons of interesting people and innovations. Want to be in the mix?

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Bitcoin Magazine
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Digital Currency Council
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Digital Money Times
Global Bitbillions Group
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The Paypers